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Organizing yet another farewell party for your best hires.

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Build great products

So, you’re building the next best thing since the telephone? Get the human capital to breathe life into your product and bring it to the market so that it can change the lives of millions around the world.

Boost your performance

Empower your employees through flexibility at the workspace. It will pay off tenfold through higher job satisfaction, productivity and overall company performance.

Keep your dream team

Stop losing your best people to competitors! Retain the superstars on your team so that they can attract and train the talent of tomorrow. Scale your company up to support your business growth.

Hard Cold Facts

Don’t take our word for it.

Research speaks in our favor:


of managers saw increases in productivity when people worked remotely.


of recruiters see talent shortage as their biggest challenge.


prefer to work alone when they want to be super productive.


would choose to work from home instead of a pay raise.


of remote workers were more inclined to work overtime.


Reduction in talent turnover with companies who go remote.

How Does Flexpat Help You?


The Perfect Match

Tell us what your current hiring needs are. We source top talent from a pre-screened pool of over 12,000 digital professionals from around the world to ensure that you get the candidate who fits perfectly in your team.

Ready. Steady. Work.

We help you seamlessly integrate the new hire in your team by taking away the initial organizational hassle. That way they could focus on what matters: helping your company reach its true potential.

The Out-of-the-Box Perk

We facilitate a remote work experience for your employees for a duration up to 3 months. By promoting flexibility in the work space, we guarantee that your top performing employees will stay with you.

The Happily Ever After

By the end of the Flexpat experience, you would have attracted a great talent you normally wouldn’t have access to. What’s more, you’d be among the progressive companies around the world.

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